ROC Mondriaan

ROC Mondriaan is an educational organization in the region of The Hague, Delft and Leiden. They offer more than 200 educations. I'm taking photos of their students for the website, flyers, banners and other advertisements.

Politie Rotterdam

Possession of weapons leads to gun violence. I portrayed Sarina, whose best friend was shot, for the Police in Rotterdam in their campaign against Gun Violence. 

Watch the interview with Sarina via this link.

Chefkok Klaas van Winsen / Just One Chef

Portrait of Chef Klaas van Winsen, known for his appearance in the Dutch tv-program Koffietijd.


I took a portrait of Ruud Jacobse: CEO of dutch lingerie-brand Livera. 

MegaStores // Black Friday

MegaStores organized a Black Friday-auction, hosted by actor and presenter Bas Muijs. I made a little stop motion-series to promote the event on- and offline.

Haagse Markt

The Hague Market is celebrating! The most famous market of The Hague turned 80 in 2018. The municipality decided to celebrate with an exclusive jubilee book, with stories about the market and its market men. I took photos of all of the entrepreneurs and the market.


ING is the proud main sponsor of Carré and organizes the 'Schoolreis van je Leven'/'Schooltrip of your life' to Koninklijk Theater Carré every year. This time the school class of Lorena were the lucky ones to be chosen. Lorena was diagnosed with a tumor in October 2017. Her classmates wanted to finish the year in a postive way and decided to give her an unforgettable afternoon. They got a behind-the-scenes tour and got to meet the artists of the World Christmas Circus. After meeting them backstage, the children enjoyed the final rehearsal of the show. I made a video about Lorena's day at Carré.

Gemeente Den Haag / Maison Kelder

Colorful cakes and pastries, famous for their delicious taste. We followed the deliverer of The Hague based pastry shop Maison Kelder for a day. They drive in an electric car and are the precursor for new developments in The Hague: in 2025 the municipal has a policy of zero emission on business delivery in the centre.

ROC Mondriaan

Every year new fashion talents graduate from the ROC Mondriaan fashion department. In 2018 de school organized their yearly big fashion show to showcase their work at the Kurhaus, at the beachside in Scheveningen. I followed two students with my camera and made a video about their process onto the fashion show.

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