Hi there,

I’m a self-educated portrait-photographer, with a background in journalism (Hogeschool Utrecht, BA) working for different news media in the Netherlands. I also studied (University of the Arts) in London and assisted at some big sets (MTV, Comedy Central and GQ Magazine) in the British capital. 

My work is all about powerful portraits of society. Recently I worked on two books: a bestseller on the celebration of 20 years of gay marriage (‘As long as you’re happy’ / ‘Als je maar gelukkig bent’) and a coffee table book on the ‘most beautiful cinema of the world’, Royal Cinema Tuschinski in Amsterdam. The book is included as cultural heritage in the Netherlands. 

In 2019 I worked with the police in Rotterdam on an impactful campaign about gun violence, which led to several follow-up campaigns in other cities and extended media coverage. This year I worked on a large portrait-campaign against street harassment, with the images shown all over the city The Hague during summer 2022. 

See below to read more about my projects and vision.


Other clients I worked with are Unicef, Openbaar Ministerie (Public Prosecution office), Rijksmuseum, LindaTV. NU.nl, Schoonenberg, Beekse Bergen, Den Haag Centraal and Gemeente Den Haag. My work has been exhibited several times, at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, Wereldmuseum Rotterdam and Atrium Den Haag.

I work from my hometown Den Haag / The Hague and am available for jobs on location all over the world. Want to work together on impactful projects? Send me an email on hello@renskederkx.nl 

How I see things

In a rapidly changing world of wanting more and more, I like to slow down and appreciate the moment. Hit pause, taking the time to be quiet and creative. To me that’s a big part of my photography: I’d like to do a lot of research. Taking a plunge, deep diving into a subject.

Through my work I’d like to question our perception of the world as it is. In the midst of the chaos, I focus on subjects that are so often overlooked, and whose voice needs to be heard. A victim of gun violence, transgender athletes, people who stand up against street harassment. Characters of everyday life, confident and powerful. To me it’s very important one feels comfortable in front of my lens and on set. Stripped to it’s core, without any noise. Genuine. Come as you are. 

The images I create are powerful and tell a story with a timeless feel. I love to combine the nostalgic with a modern twist. That shows in my use of camera and light, but also in the choice of my subjects: from paying tribute to the phenomenon of old bars and it’s customers to a renowned cinema with an extraordinary history.

To me it’s all about connection: my subjects are looking straight at you, connecting and telling their story. Sometimes with a smile, but more often with a serious and strong glance. The eyes will shine a light on the emotion that is truly there to be felt. 

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