Hi there!

I'm Renske Derkx, a photographer and camera operator living in the Hague, the Netherlands. Feel free to contact me at hello@renskederkx.nl for more information or rates.

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Photography & studio

I specialize in portrait-photography and work with a Hasselblad-camera. You can see my latest work here. I work in a studio based in  The Hague. 

Last year (2021) I published two books: Als je maar gelukkig bent (As long as you're happy) is about 20 years of gay marriage in the Netherlands. For more information on the book and ordering, click here

The second one is the coffee table book Theater Tuschinski 100 jaar (100 years of theatre Tuschinski), about the celebration of the royal cinema in Amsterdam. You can order the book here.


I'm making all sorts of video-productions for creatives and big companies, such as the Dutch National Bank. In march 2017 I published my first documentary on LINDAtv, one of the biggest mediaplatforms in the Netherlands. 

Ingredients to many of my videos are the empowerment of extraordinary people, movement, the beach and a love for my hometown.


From the 11th of October until august 2020 my documentary 'Wat je bent zeg je zelf' about gender was part of the exhibition 'What a genderful world' at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. Later that year, during fall 2020, the exhibition moved to Rotterdam at the Wereldmuseum.

> Photo's below by Anthea den Hollander.

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