Hi there!

I'm Renske Derkx, a photographer and videographer living in the Hague, the Netherlands. Feel free to contact me at hello@renskederkx.nl for more information or rates.

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Photography & studio

I'm taking photos for commercial clients and am also working on my own projects in documentary/journalism. 

The past couple of years I followed courses in street fashion photography at the London University of the Arts and assisted photographer Leigh Keily on several shoots for clients like MTV, Comedy Central and GQ Magazine

I specialize in portrait-photography and work with a Hasselblad-camera. You can see my latest work here. I work in a studio based in Laak, The Hague. 


From the 11th of October until august 2020 my documentary 'Wat je bent zeg je zelf' about gender is to be seen at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, as it's part of the exhibition 'What a genderful world'. Later that year, during fall 2020, the exhibition will move to Rotterdam at the Wereldmuseum.

In 2017 I published my architectural Instagram-work (at that time more than 11.000 followers) in an exhibition in The Hague City Hall. The exhibition was opened by Joris Wijsmuller, the City Councel Member of Culture, and was a collaboration with the Foundation 'Dag van de Architectuur'. 

Later that year I published another exhibition in the City Hall in honor of the Mondrian Year. We installed a big map of 10x10m on the floor of the City Hall, with photos of the Mondrian dressed-buildings in the city.


I'm making all sorts of video-shorts for creatives and companies, such as ING and ROC Mondriaan. In march 2017 I published my first documentary on LINDAtv, one of the biggest mediaplatforms in the Netherlands. 

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