Lisse, the Netherlands

Continuing my journey through the Netherlands and re-evaluating everything that is going on here. Shaky weather conditions make my work very unpredictable sometimes, but also very exciting. 

Inbetween the rain, wind and clouds, I managed to find perfect weather conditions on a  saturday morning. I put my alarm very, very early and got into the tulip fields in Lisse.* 

If I’m totally honest I always avoided this place, because of the many tourists visiting the fields and Keukenhof. But being there, early in the morning, among the endless rows of saturated and magical tulips, made me very humble and appreciative.  I can not stress enough that our country is beautiful. 

*important note: I entered the tulip fields with permission and with an expert guide by my side. Please do not go into the tulip fields by yourself, because it’s not allowed.

Reeuwijkse Plassen, the Netherlands

Today I learned that balance and ice skating are not my greatest talents, but you’re never too old to learn. This morning I commuted between my car and the ice at the Reeuwijkse Plassen, because my iPhone isn’t made to last for any longer than 10 minutes in the cold. Luckily my drone did better, and got me some amazing shots of the Dutch people ice skating. 

The vibe on the ice was amazing, I haven’t seen so many happy people together for a long time.

Zoeterwoude, the Netherlands

The past week  was a good one for every passionate snow-lover. We haven’t seen a lot of snow in the Netherlands the past few years, but last weekend our country was covered in a thick magical white layer. Reason for me to go outside with my buddy the drone. It took me some frozen fingers and frosty drone-batteries, but the result is worth it.

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