Reeuwijkse Plassen, the Netherlands

Today I learned that balance and ice skating are not my greatest talents, but you’re never too old to learn. This morning I commuted between my car and the ice at the Reeuwijkse Plassen, because my iPhone isn’t made to last for any longer than 10 minutes in the cold. Luckily my drone did better, and got me some amazing shots of the Dutch people ice skating. 

The vibe on the ice was amazing, I haven’t seen so many happy people together for a long time.

Zoeterwoude, the Netherlands

The past week  was a good one for every passionate snow-lover. We haven’t seen a lot of snow in the Netherlands the past few years, but last weekend our country was covered in a thick magical white layer. Reason for me to go outside with my buddy the drone. It took me some frozen fingers and frosty drone-batteries, but the result is worth it.

Scheveningen, the Netherlands

The past couple of months have mostly been about discovering everything that is close, instead of traveling around the world, due to Covid19. This means re-appreciating all the nature that is right in front of us, like the sea and the dunes of my beautiful hometown The Hague/Scheveningen. You can find me there in the morning, accompanied by some seagulls and hopping rabbits, walking through the granular grains of sand. 

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