Zeeland, the Netherlands

Who says you need to travel around the globe to find a spectacular photo-spot? We found one at just a 1,5 hour drive from our hometown The Hague, at the border of the Nederlands and Belgium. We wandered around Zeeland and the beautiful ‘drowned land of Saeftinghe’. 

These landscapes are changing every season, so they’re not always accessible and walking routes are constantly changing. For us, it meant some sinking boots and wordclass balancing acts to prevent ourselves from ending up flat faced in the mud. But we managed, and enjoyed some spectacular views.


Rocky roads turning into rippling rivers, volcanic blackness transforming into the most lively green you’ve ever seen: the scenery in Iceland changes every other minute. We made a trip on bumpy roads, got some splashy mud and water all over the car, and ended up in the most quiet place we’ve ever experienced: the Icelandic highlands. 

Crete, Greece

Endless beaches, quiet roads, the loveliest weather and plenty of time to relax: our trip to Crete was a dream.

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